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Here’s How The Next 28 Days Of Transformational Coaching Is Going To Help You Fit Into All The Dresses, Tops And Skirts You Wore Before Giving Birth
...Even If You Feel Like You Have No Time At All!
From: Kareen Lai
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Author, Women's Fitness Coach, FIT Educator & Mum to a pair of twins
Dear Teacher,

If you desperately miss wearing your gorgeous fitted tops, dresses, and pencil skirts, and you’re frustrated that you haven’t been able to find the time or energy to work out...

...then this 28-day body coaching and mentorship program is exactly what you need.
Let me tell you why.

As a busy mum and educator looking to lose weight, you have no shortage of options.

Confusing fad diets.

Weight-loss ebooks.

‘Fat burning’ pills.

Online training programs.

An endless sea of ‘helpful’ blog posts and ‘tips and tricks’ YouTube videos.

The list goes on...

Now, you may have tried - or been tempted to try - some of these weight-loss ‘solutions’ before.

Maybe you’ve tried all of them.

But here’s the thing -

None of them are going to, or ever will, help you to actually make a change.


Because all of those options give you a load of information…

...when what you really need is implementation.
Look -

As a busy mummy educator, you’re drowning in information.

(Like those options I mentioned earlier)

But what happens after a few weeks when you lose motivation?

You’ll stop sticking to that diet or training plan. 😥

You’ll stop seeing results. 😥

You’ll give up. 😥

You’ll return to your old habits. 😥

And you’ll find yourself back at square friggin’ one. 😥

The problem isn’t that you haven’t been given a path to follow,

The problem is that you haven’t been coached by someone who spends time helping you build the habits and lifestyle changes that’s 100% necessary to create a fitness transformation.
That’s What Makes This 28-Day Body Coaching And Mentorship Program So Damn Special for you teacher
I’ll give you the tools to actually make a change -

Which is why this weight-loss coaching program for busy mummy educators is unlike anything else in the entire health & fitness industry.

Here’s how I do it:
👉 I’ll start by launching my bad habit heat-seeking nuclear missiles...
I’ll start off by personally identifying and annihilating all of your bad habits - whether that be food choices, lifestyle roadblocks, or self-destructive behaviours.

So -

If you’re prone to binge-eating, or you spend your evenings on the sofa ploughing through chips, or you mentally beat yourself up every time you look in the mirror - my proven pathway for destroying your bad habits will be one of the most valuable parts of this coaching program.

Simply put, this has the power to completely change your life.
👉  I’ll give you the tools and strategies to fill your routine with fantastic habits that’ll set you up for a lifetime of weight-loss (and anything else) success…
After destroying your bad habits, it’s time to give you some better ones.

And I’m not just talking about something flimsy like a daily timetable or a weekly meal plan.


The habits I’m going to be setting you up with will be specific to you and your goals, both in terms of fitness and in your overall life. I’ll dissect every hour of your day, and figure out the best way for you to dominate your weight-loss targets and feel full-of-life every time your morning alarm sounds…

...without you having to sacrifice your busy work schedule or valuable time with your kids!
👉 I’ll open your mind to a drastically transformative and new mindset, so you can bounce back from fitness failure, overcome the fear of long-term commitment to weight-loss, and start seeing yourself (and the world) in a much more positive light…
Let’s be real for a second.

Women are care-taking and nurturing by biological default - meaning that they tend to put everyone else ahead of themselves.

And that’s especially true for mums like you.

Your kids are your absolute priority. Then comes your partner. Then your work. Then your friends. Then wayyyyyy at the bottom of the pile, comes you.

Am I wrong?

Look - I understand the struggles of busy mums. More so teaching mums. 

And over the years as a successful personal trainer for hundreds of mums, I’ve developed a bulletproof mindset, paradigm, world-view...whatever you want to call it - that allows mums to, unselfishly, put themselves first.

But this doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly going to stop caring about your family and friends.

Far from it.

What you don’t realise is that when you put yourself first, the people you care about most in your life get the absolute best version of you.


This cornerstone mindset training will remove your mental garbage, destructive thought-patterns, and negative self-image that’s been holding you back from achieving a figure you can be truly proud of for so long.

This is what you’ve been missing.

Without this part, you’re doomed to fail.

You see, this isn’t a 28-day cookie-cutter weight-loss program.

This is a 28-day life transformation program for busy mummy educators, that gives you the tools and habits to make a profound weight-loss change - for the rest of your life.
Here’s what else to expect from the next 28 days:
which takes the guesswork out of weight-loss for mums looking to fit into their old clothes and feel a sense of pride whenever they look in the mirror. This is a proven pathway that I’ve used countless times with hundreds of mums from all over the world.
I’ll put you on a simple workout regime that’ll fit around your busy life - guaranteed. Give me 30 minutes, 4 times per week...and I’ll coach you to lose weight and craft a lean physique.
You won't be required to go on a diet, nor will you need to count calories. I’ll give you two simple and tasty weekly rotational meal plans with variable options so your diet is never restricted (don’t worry - this won’t be a bland chicken and broccoli diet).
You’ll get your workout and nutrition regime pushed to your phone every single day which allows you to track and measure your results, making sure that you’re on target for your fitness goals.

(This also allows me to provide you with a much more personalised coaching approach based on the tracked data from within the app.)
 In these weekly sessios, we’ll be hopping on a private call to discuss the key fitness issues that you’re facing, going DEEP into the root cause of your problems.
  • I’ll look at your tracked training data to see what needs work. 
  • I’ll look at your mindset and see how you can improve your focus.  
  • I’ll craft a clear game plan for how you can speed up the process and hit your goals in the quickest possible time. 
  • I’ll give you a boost of motivation to keep you on the path towards success. 
By the end of the hotseat, we’ll have crafted a unique-to-you game plan with clear steps to overcome your challenges and crush your goals.

This level of in-depth personal coaching will go far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced before.
A new and profound operating system to run your life by
 As part of this program, you’ll have daily objectives and a weekly routable to make sure that you’re sticking perfectly to the proven pathway I created specifically for mums, plugging your life with a new operating system that puts your health, energy, motivation, training, and well-being above all else.

This will make sure that you not only get life-changing results but actually maintain them long-term (for perhaps the first time ever...).
A community experience with dozens other mummy educators just like you 
All these women want to smash their fitness goals, and each member of my coaching community will be there to motivate and support you to dominate your daily schedule, craft a lean bikini body figure, and fit back into your favourite old clothes that you wore before giving birth.

This is important:

You won’t be doing this coaching program alone.

You’ll be doing this coaching program alongside a community of other mums just like you who you can share your struggles and successes with throughout this transformative process.

See -

Every single mum in this program wants to be better.

By surrounding you with other driven mums who are all looking to make a change, I’m offering you a shortcut to reaching your fitness goals.
My entire $500 mini-course on fitness and mindset mastery
I’ve spent over 5 years as a personal trainer, investing over $20,000 in my own education, skills, and knowledge...and in this mini-course (normally worth $500), I've pulled together the very best lessons and tricks I’ve learnt to help you master training, nutrition, and a laser-focus mindset.

By the end of this course, you’ll know exactly what to eat (and what not to eat) and how to train to achieve your fitness goals -

Whether that be losing weight, fitting into your old clothes, or simply being able to wear a bikini at the beach without feeling self-conscious.

You’ll also be equipped with a powerful mindset that’ll keep you motivated for longer and help you attack your goals with laser-focus.
Plus - If You’re An Action-Taker, These 2 Bonuses Are Yours...
A FREE 60-minute private COACHING consultation at the end of the program
 At the end of the 28 days, you and I will get on a call to discuss your game plan moving forward.

I’ll look at your training data and what you’ve achieved from the program and give you clear direction on how to maintain and improve your results in the long-term.

This will be a completely personal consultation call that’ll set you up with unique training goals and objectives for you to complete even after you finish the program.
Access to a one-use $100 off discount code
Which knocks this program down to just $97, instead of the normal $197.

But there’s a catch -

The code is only active for the next 20 minutes.
So - Here’s What You Need To Do Next...
Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you’ll see a button prompting you to invest in this unique body coaching and mentorship program.

(Which is an investment in losing weight so that you can fit back into the dresses, tops and skirts you wore before giving birth.And more importantly, so that you can harness the high energy levels you imagine yourself to have as a mum thriving in both the classroom and at home.)

Act fast, and the one off $100 discount is yours.

Sit on the fence, and it disappears forever.
Need More Convincing?
Here’s What Mums Just Like You Have Achieved From This Coaching Program…
JM- Lost 4cm off waist and 2.5kg 
Eishen - Lost 5cm off abdomen and 2kg 
Jek - Lost 6cm off abdomen and down 3% body fat
And Here’s What our teachers Have To Say About This Coaching Program…
You Can’t Lose With This Failure
Money-Back Guarantee!
In all my years as a successful online coach for busy mums,

I’ve yet to see one mum go through this 28-day body coaching and mentorship program for weight-loss and not get fantastic results.

So -

If you join this online transformation program and you aren’t thrilled with the results you get after the full 28 days…
I Will Give You Your Money 
Back In Full
(Given that you actually do the things I tell you to do.)

That’s how confident I am in the transformative power of this 30-day weight-loss coaching and mentorship program.


You can't lose money - but you can lose the chance to regain control over your life and achieve a stunning figure that you’re eager to show off - even if you feel like you have no free time at all.
But Be Warned-
I Only Have 50 Spots Available
Listen up:

I want to make the next 28 days of coaching as valuable and transformative as I possibly can for all the busy mummy educators who’ve taken the life-changing step to join this program.

But the more people I coach, the harder that is to do.

That’s why I’m limiting this offer to the first 50 motivated mums.

And once those 50 spaces are filled...
You Won’t Be Able To Join My 28-Day Transformative Body Coaching And Mentorship Program
You’ve been warned. 

So -

If you’re sick of the cycle of diets, binge-eating, and self-hatred...

If you’re plagued with low body confidence...

And if you’re stuck wondering how to achieve your fitness goals whilst looking after the kids…

Now is the time to take action.

And if you hurry, that $100 discount coupon is yours for the taking.

Click below to invest in this unique coaching opportunity, and let me make the next 28 days as useful and transformative for you as I possibly can.

Looking forward to coaching you,
P.S. If you’re anything like me, you probably skimmed to the end of the page just to see the offer...

So, the offer is this: give me 28-days, and I’ll help you to lose weight and lean down so that you can fit into all the dresses, tops and skirts you wore before giving birth (even if you feel like you have no time at all), through my transformative body coaching and mentorship program.

(Scroll up to see everything my program includes, as well as the long list of testimonials…)

And if you act fast, you can claim the $100 discount that brings your investment down from $197 to $97!
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