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Regain confidence in your body and get stronger from the inside out with our proven system for postnatal recovery:
Speed Up Recovery
Fast forward your postnatal recovery with our programs, specifically designed to help your body get stronger from inside out. 
Know Why, Not Fads
Stay sane with grounded research broken down to simple explanations and know what is going on inside your body, to stay on track to safe recovery.
15-Minute Workouts
Learn to perform workouts that are effective and time efficient, so you can achieve the most in just 15 minutes a day. 
6 Modules In 6 Weeks
Our Program Gives You:
  • Empowerment Through Knowledge: Get demo videos and infographics that explain how to do each exercise and exactly how it's going to benefit you, so that you can get the most out of your workout.
  •  NO information Overload: We curate and design lessons that are suitable for you at this stage of motherhood. So you do not get overwhelmed as a newly postnatal mum.
  • Diastasis Recti: Discover exactly what this gap is and how you can help yourself heal safely.
  •  Pelvic Floor Health: Get insights on the importance of taking care of your pelvic floor right from this instance!
  • Community and Accountability: You will be invited to join our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, build relationships, and further gain confidence!
  •  *Complimentary Class Pass: Join us at the next Tummy Beyond Kegels Workshop to get live guidance from a trained coach. 

Hi, my name is Kareen. I am an Author & Founder of Mums In Sync

After helping so many new mums through personal coaching sessions and live workshops, I have come to realise that all new mums need the same information that has not been given to us by our doctors nor our conventional healthcare providers.

This same information and knowledge that benefited the mummies I have worked with, needs to be shared with every other new mum. And putting together a program like this is the best way to help more mummies.
“As a mum to a pair of twins, I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through."
Like other new mummies, you are probably spending most of your waking moments attending to the needs of your baby and have almost no time left for yourself. 

But you are also worried about your mummy tummy and wished that the excess flab would miraculously disappear by the time baby reaches one year old. 

And like most mummies, you'd have probably hired a jamu masseur to massage your tummy and a confinement lady who can cook up a storm of nutritious meals, to help you heal within the month after delivery. 

But deep down, you also know that spending this sum of money, plus another fortune on slimming programs, will not help you strengthen your body from inside out. Nor will they help you start leading a fitter and stronger motherhood. 

In fact, the majority of us new mummies have no idea what's actually happening to our bodies and left unsure about what we can actually do to help ourselves heal adequately without injuring the vulnerable areas. 

I know because it's exactly what I went through during and after my twin pregnancy in 2010 . After burning a deep hole in my pocket paying for all of the above services, not an inch was lost on my waistline.

“Not only was my confidence shattered, my self-esteem was at an 
all-time low!"

4 months after delivering the twins, I was at a women's running event with my girlfriends. The organiser actually came up to me and asked, "How many months pregnant are you?" 

That was the last straw!  At that point, I made up my mind - Enough is enough
I will not have anyone else asking me the same question again!

All mothers like yourself should not have to go through the same pain and frustration that I went through. It is unwarranted and unnecessary. 

That is why we have put together this program to help new mummies like yourself take charge of your body and know what is adequate and safe for you to start working on during this vulnerable period.  
Hear what some of our mummies have to say:

"My tummy felt less bloated just 3 weeks into the program!"

"After 3 babies, I have had my fair share of experiences with jamu ladies and slimming programs! This program is definitely one that is way more engaging and proactive. Instead of bearing hopes that massages and machines will help us find our slimming selves again, this program reminded me that being fitter is a priority over being slim!"

- May Lee, 33, Mum of 3 kids under 7yo

"So easy but super effective in engaging my inner core muscles!"

"I have since learnt so much useful information about the changes my body went through after 2 pregnancies! The exercises shared by Kareen are so easy but super effective in engaging my inner core muscles. The program is s flexible and realistic that I didn't have to overhaul my lifestyle with 2 boys!"

- Stephanie Lim, 29 mum to 2 boys under 7yo

"I owe this good news to the diet you introduced!"

"When I started working with Kareen, I had high cholesterol and was Type I diabetic. After a year of working with her, my annual blood work with the doctor showed that my cholesterol levels dropped but good cholesterol levels increased!

I owe it all to the diet she introduced to me. The little steps we took everyday added up to a great report card after a year. I got more than just finding energy and slimming down!"

- Tina, 35, Mum to 2 girls under 7 yo

"Spurred me on to work beyond 6 weeks. This is Inspiration!"

"Working with Kareen was more eventful than what I had experienced before working with a personal trainer at a gym. She made sure I understood both the internal and external exercises that are safe and important for me, before progressing me to working on heavier weights that I never imagined I could ever handle before. Never underestimate my own capabilities.

Fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes again was a dream come true!I even had the courage to buy a Cheongsam to wear for Chinese New Year!

With the right coach and longevity mindset, nothing is impossible. She has spurred me on to work beyond these 6 weeks. This is what I call Inspiration!"

- Jiamin, 35, Mum to 3 kids below 7 yo
You do not need a gym to start getting yourself stronger from inside out. 
Most women assume they need a gym membership in order to start their fitness journey and get back into shape. Some mothers are even eager to head back out to crossfit gyms, sign up for HIIT classes and do as many planks and crunches as they can to burn away their muffin tops.

And many also feel that if they can't have the luxury of time and space to head to such sessions, they should just forgo the idea of leading a fit mummyhood.

At this stage of motherhood, you need to focus on getting stronger from inside out, making sure your core muscles are all connected to each other and working well together. Your body has been through a lot of changes in the 40 weeks of pregnancy. It will be unwise to add on unnecessary stress to your body doing conventional exercises that most think will help in burning mummy tummies.
For a limited time period only: 
Registration is closed when enrolment is full each month.

We want to keep the enrolment small so that we can give each and everyone of you great support. This is the first time we are launching and running a class of mummies together, so we want to make sure you get the best support and truly apply what we teach and advocate. We want to be able to answer all the questions and concerns you may have. 

We are not sure how often we will run this program. To be honest, we have no idea how much resources it will take us to give you the best support. And we aim to maintain that for you. We may go on to run other courses, covering other topics or we may improve upon this current program and re-launch a better version. but when that happens, the price will likely go up as we include more sophisticated support systems. 

It's a bargain to join this class as it would cost at least 10 times more to engage me and work with you personally. With a scheduled class and program design like this, we can be more efficient in helping more mummies like yourself.

You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket just to learn how to heal and get stronger from inside out

Here's how much a new mum typically may spend on postnatal recovery after delivery:

Nanny                                                  $2,500
Postnatal Massage package        $600
Slimming Centre package         $3,000
Gym personal training                 $1,500
                                                       Total $7,500

Let's face it, there are those who are willing to pay such money
to get what they feel would be promising results.

But with just a fraction of this cost, you can learn, do and achieve so much more with our program!
Summary Of What You'll Get...
Billed one time. No Hidden Charges
  • 6 comprehensive modules in 6 weeks
  • Weekly movement plans to get you started right
  • Clear Video demos, infographics and explanations
  • **Complimentary Pass to Live Workshop
  • Access to private Facebook Group for continual support
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30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel like the program has benefited you and you have learnt nothing new in helping yourself get fitter and stronger from inside out, send us a note!

We will fully refund the program fees to you, no questions asked. 

But promise us that you will access the program and make use of the content during your 30-day access. 
Be true to yourself because we know for sure that what we share is top-grade education that will benefit mummies like yourself. 
"We want to make it completely risk-free, so that new mums are encouraged to take ownership and take the step towards a fitter and stronger motherhood!"
~ Kareen Lai
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm not sure when is the right time to start?
If you are still pregnant: This program will prepare you to know what to expect after baby. Once you deliver you will know exactly how to take care of yourself without being overwhelmed by tons of information, myths and advice out there in the noisy media. 

If you just delivered: Congratulations! This is the perfect time to get access to Body After Baby. Get started on safe and easy tasks right at home. Start getting your core connected right way!

If you are 1-2 years post delivery: This program is still relevant for you, especially if you are planning for another little one. Walk through the program and catch up on whatever you had overlooked before. Do what is adequate and essential for the next pregnancy!
Do I need any equipment to start?
Equipments are not absolutely necessary. We are encouraging you to get started with simply your body weight and self-body awareness. However, we do have exercise modifications that give you the option of using added weights if you like.

Women need to eventually move on to handling weighted movements. It makes sense because hey .... baby will eventually grow bigger and heavier too right?
What if I do not have time to follow the program?
We are pretty sure busy mummies like yourself may not have the luxury of time to head out to a facility and commit to weekly sessions that could take you at least an hour to travel to and from.

In this program, we coach you on how to find your pockets of time to perform the effective movement tasks. You don;t have to give up your wealth and well-being just because you are busy.
How much time does it take?
This is a program that will run 6 weeks. Each week, we will send you a new module and help you through your recovery journey progressively and safely after your delivery. 

However, you can take your time to progress trhough the weeks. We have mummies who take it slow and steady by dedicating 2 weeks to each module, to make sure she gets the hang of everything.

No medals for the fastest finisher!! We are looking for a strong and solid finish!
What if we have questions?
During the course of the program, you will be asked to join our private Facebook group where we share information in a safe community of like-minded mothers. You can send your questions there and we will address your concerns asap. Otherwise, there is always an option of reaching Kareen directly. Information will be given in the registration detaails. 
Will you also cover nutrition and diet?
In this program, we will not touch on the fundamental nutrition and diet that is adequate for postnatal healing and recovery. This program focuses on the movement aspects of postnatal recovery so you can stay safe while getting strong from inside out. A separate program on postnatal nutrition will be designed at a later date, to give you more detailed guidelines recipes and solutions that aid postnatal healing.  
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