Coaching Calls with Kareen
Each coaching call session will last 30 minutes. It may take longer, depending on the complexity of your questions. So please do not schedule anything immediately after, to maximise your coaching call session.

A Home Consultation Visit will last approximately an hour. Please also allocate time accordingly.

Upon payment, you will be sent a follow-up email where you can block a suitable date and time to have a check-in call/ visit with Kareen.

30 minute Coaching Call - $47

I am here if you need help with any urgent questions or challenges that are stopping you from moving a step forward. Let's dissect the issues and help you decide the next important step you need to take towards a healthier, fitter motherhood. 

Home Consultation Visit - add $77

Sometimes, you may still lack the confidence in checking themselves or unsure if they are moving right. You can also arrange for me to pop in for a home consultation visit to help you get sorted out and move forward with a peace of mind. *Only applies if you reside in Singapore 
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Home Consultation Visit: Simply top up $77 to upgrade your coaching call session to a personal home consultation visit by Kareen. (Only applies if you reside in Singapore.)

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