Your 4 Simple Steps to getting a Sexy Fit Motherhood! 
New Book: 18 Again
Bringing Out the Sexy Fit Mummy in You

Congratulations, you’ve had a baby (or two, or three!) and you want to get in shape. Now you’ve got two options: 1) a tiring, rigorous fitness regimen or 2) a boring, bland diet. 

Well they both sound hard, and tiring, so never mind. Wrong! 

In this book, I am going to kick you out of your comfort zone in all the right ways as you genuinely enjoy the process and journey to a healthier you! 

18 Again is about:

- A shift in outlook as you “lean in” to transformation
- Refreshingly direct, witty, and realistic
- Filled with enthusiasm, attitude and energy
- Packed with brilliant alternatives
- Full of simple yet powerful strategies anyone can apply
- Lead the sexy, fit, and confident life you deserve after baby
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"As a mum to a pair of twins, I can relate to so many aspects Kareen shared in her book. She brings out the reality of motherhood and how we can make the best out of it!"

~ Vanessa, Mum of Twins
MD Gernise Global

"Frank and to the point, yet full of empathy, Kareen shares her deep understanding of how weight gain and change in body shape after childbirth can affect our self esteem, mindset and ultimately our happiness."

~ Gina Romero, Mum of 3 boys
Founder of The Athena Network Singapore

"I read Kareen's book while I was staying home with my baby during my maternity leave. Every bit speaks exactly what was going through inside me and accurately depicts how all working mums like myself feel and experience as a new mum!"

~ Carene Tan, Mum of 1
Civil Servant
As featured and shared on live TV
Here's What You'll Learn From 18 Again:
  • Purpose drives action. So identify the motivation and get into the right frame of mind before getting started. Mummies need to know clearly why they want to lead a sexy, fit and confident motherhood. Be it intrinsic or external motivators, being clear from the start helps them stay focus in the transformation journey.
  • We need to identify and engage the right support to make this work.  Understanding the importance of support and the crucial role it plays is completely essential. I will highlight the key areas where getting the right support is crucial and how strategically delegating responsibilities can help you move ahead faster!
  • Having the busiest job in the world means we don’t have the luxury of time to work out as much.  We are already so shortchanged for time that there is no reason why you should be spending hours working out (unless of course you have the luxury to). Mummies definitely need workouts that are short, sweet and intense to be time efficient and effective! I will identify the common favourite exercises that women think will help them stay in tip top shape and show you why you should not be wasting time on them.
  • The practical strategies that help us nourish from inside out will inevitably help us to nurture the next generation of healthy eaters and active individuals.  Mummies should never underestimate the importance of eating well to nourish their bodies from inside out. When you realise it does wonders to your body, you will naturally have your children eat the same way! The strategies I provide you on eating to get into tip top shape will get you raising strong, fit & confident kids too!
  • Habits make us. So keep the ones that gives us a success story. It is much easier to break a habit than to start a new one. And it takes as long as it is needed to start a new habit. If you had not been successful in getting to the sexy, fit you, your old habits were obviously not helping you. This is the time where you need to be honest with yourself and break the bad. 
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